Wingfield Pictures Opening Sale! 

Hey Everyone,

So lately my goal has been to spread this new site as much as possible! Everything is progressing nicely and that is really all I could ever hope for. So now I wanted to make a way to say thank you for the initial support that has been given to me as well as give a nice welcoming gift to all of you being introduced to Wingfield Pictures for the first time.29ADFE63-53A7-44FE-BE74-99D280F642F7

So for the next week, if you make your way over to the Wingfield Pictures site, you will be able to get 25% off of your entire order! Just apply the discount code WINGFIELDPICS during the checkout process and grab some consistent reminders! Feeling pretty optimistic about where this is leading, and would also love to get some thoughts & opinions from you all about the site and the posters if anyone’s willing.

Thank You all again for the support, it’s VERY much appreciated.



Moving to the Other Side

Where do I start?

I wanted to tell you all a story about the past 3 years summarizing how persistence, successes, major failures, risk taking, and ultimately being fed up with the direction my life was taking and the need for change, leading to the present. But rather than droll on & turn this post into a book, I’ll just make note of a few key moments that are the most relevant to the ultimate point.

The Vision
I’ve always had this picture in my head of the direction I wanted my life to go. The freedom to work on my own creative ideas, travel, attending events, movies, pretty much making a living while doing what makes me happy, because operating on someone else’s schedule doing work that doesn’t mentally fulfill me in an environment that is horrendously inefficient is not my idea of living. Having to make a nearly 20 minute drive almost completely zoned out, knowing that there is something much more stimulating that I could be doing is no way to live!

So what are my options? Change the situation of course! Between sources such as Under30Experiences, Fast Company, films, books, blogs and the social media pages of different companies, I pretty much never run out of motivation to make the transition. And these are just the first sources to pop into my head……….

Attempts to Make it Happen

So this is the part where everything gets pretty wild & in some cases, desperate. Among my numerous attempts to move towards the freedom lifestyle include my 1st attempt to strike out on my own, which led me to getting $500 & a paid internship from a crowdfunding campaign for my first startup idea while I was still in school (For more details on that story, feel free to read My Story to the Young Creatives) to my most recent attempt being filming (which is still a ultimate goal of mines), but led to a failure so huge that even giving away free movies & movie posters didn’t help!

There are plenty of other examples that I could throw out and I have since learned a lot from those experiences. Trial and error has been the name of the game, because if I don’t try anything, how do I expect to get anywhere?!?!

My Current Reality

This is my fresh start! The starting point where I can work on one thing that I enjoy, build it, and transition into other ideas as time passes. My current reality is Wingfield Pictures!


This is my latest business that makes and sells consistent reminders (or posters if you prefer). Motivating others is something that I enjoy doing and this is a way for me to reach more people and encourage them to go the extra mile. You have to go out & make things happen, persistence is everything! You’ll never know how far you can go or how close you can get if you never make the first move.

I’d love it if everyone viewing this would take a look at the new site, and even if you don’t leave with a purchase, feedback on the site is also very much appreciated. Consistent reminders are available, both framed and unframed, in the sizes listed below.

  • 12″ X 18″
  • 18″ X 24″
  • 24″ X 36″

Feel free to comment below about your transitions. In progress? Already made it? Let me know!

Thank You All for Listening,



Long Time No See!

Hey Everyone!

So I have unintentionally been away from the WordPress community for the past 2 1/2 months. A lot of life events happened, both good and bad, had to readjust my thinking and come to terms with where my life is going. For example, last year I stated that my previous internship would be my last “traditional job” as I was hellbent on making this vision of being an entrepreneur and creating products that inspire people a reality.

Well, reality is that while I am still on that path, & opportunities have presented themselves, the outcome was not the one I had hoped for. This has led me to taking a job as a Sales Consultant at a Best Buy, which is actually a great job that I feel comfortable in. My coworkers are supportive (At least 98% of them are), I’m helping people make an informed decision about how to spend their money, I’m a month and a half into the job and already find myself outperforming in sales a number of times. Right now, I am at the perfect balance in life and have been enjoying every moment of it.

Along with the good, there has to be some form of bad, and mines came in the form of revealing my plans of not finishing school to my family. It wasn’t the easiest thing thing to do, being that everyone always expected me to be the one to finish, but I no longer saw the purpose for it. The reaction has been better than I expected, everyone seems to have taken it in and accepted it, including my dad, even though there was a bit of a rough patch at the beginning. That weight is no longer carried and it feels amazing. I’m ready to move on with life and clear myself of everything unnecessary.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am ALWAYS working on something. I miss putting out motivational content to all of you. Hopefully there are still some of you who will excuse my absence and continue to support me on this journey.

Also, I recently had the chance to go see an advanced screening of The Danish Girl and will have a review of that a little later, and also I have also been a bit more active on Instagram lately, be sure to follow me @livingwingfield. I’d love to hear what interesting things have been happening to all of you recently, please feel free to comment what’s been going on!

Thank You All,


Let’s Go Virtual!

Let’s Go Virtual!

Hey Everyone,

So lately I have been in talks with a few companies and come up with a few more interesting videos to make. Now, I’m happy to let you all know that I have been given the green light to learn first hand about the world of Virtual Reality through the good people at ATLvr! I will be attending and filming an event they are hosting later this week and also plan to have a sit-down interview and tour of their office space at a later date. This is going to be a fun experience that I want to share with all of you, so I will be sharing different moments with all of you, especially this upcoming event.

I welcome all of you to keep up with everything that’s going on, not only am I setting out to create entertaining content, but also informative. The Virtual Reality space is growing at a enormous level, and here is a way to learn from the enthusiasts and influencers. Hope that all of you reading this are ready and are as enthusiastic as I am!

Thank You All for Listening,

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Build Upon the Point

Hey Everyone,

It’s really interesting how much validation a video less than 2 minutes can provide. What may seem like a small feat for others, the feeling of knowing that it’s something that I managed to pull off successfully (for the most part) is what’s so important. For over a year now, the goal has been to motivate the aspiring creators not only through my own actions, but also by sharing the minds of other creatives who are making an impact in their own way. The starting point has been made, now I want more, I want bigger, I want better.

The only way I can see myself continuing to build upon this starting point and encourage others is by continuously persisting, progressing, and adapting. I’ve been rejected and flat-out ignored by so many companies, there’s no way I couldn’t of thought about quitting at some point, but by not giving up, I was able to take advantage of the latest opportunity presented to me in my own backyard. Also, there has to be a support system along the way. Knowing that I could potentially encourage others to move forward with their ideas and knowing that there are people who can encourage me is what justifies this journey and makes it worth the push. Let’s all make a move in the right direction and do something out of the ordinary, something that allows you to explore your curiosity, and help the next person along the way. For the people who choose, or have chosen, to stand next to me, I cannot thank you enough.

Thank You All for Listening,

Highlights: Atlanta Startup Village #30 (Video)

Hey Everyone,

Recently, I was able to film an event at the Atlanta Tech Village, and man was that an experience! The place was packed, full of positive energy, hungry people eager to get their startups into the minds of the audience, it was exactly the type of environment I needed to be surrounded by. The video, nor the editing process did not go as smoothly as I had hoped, but I am still for the most part satisfied with the end result. So here is the highlights video of Atlanta Startup Village #30!

Be sure to check out each of the presenters:

PayRight Medical Solutions:
BonFire:        App (iOS):

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The Danish Girl (1st Trailer)

The Danish Girl (1st Trailer)

Few of you may or may not know this, but The Theory of Everything was my favorite film of 2014. Now for 2015, we get the 1st trailer to the latest Working Title produced, Eddie Redmayne starring film, The Danish Girl. I cannot get over how amazing this trailer is! I believe I’m more anxious for this than I was for The Theory of Everything. It was already on my list of movies to see for the end of 2015, but now I’m even more excited to see it. Check out the brand new trailer for The Danish Girl.

Please let me know your thoughts on the trailer. Also I’m in the process of editing the footage from the Atlanta Tech Village event I filmed. Be sure to subscribe to The Wingfield Blog!

Thank You All for Listening,